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In-ear monitoring

Perfect protection and feedback during your performance

Now choose the small and light ‘earphones’, which ensure a sublime sound and at the same time perfectly protect your hearing.

Once the earphones are set to your individual requirements, you can stand in all kinds of venues without any problems. Every musician can create his personal mix. Move freely across the stage, without worrying about “ringing” and room acoustics.

On stage, you want to occupy yourself exclusively with music. You don’t want to lug around amplifiers, you don’t want to do an hours-long sound check, but you do want to be able to enjoy good hearing for years to come.

Audinc’s custom-made in-ear monitors (IEM) make this possible for you!

We hear from artists that the sound in the hall also improves because the sound level on stage is lower. That makes every audience excited!

The in-ear monitor can also be connected to other audio devices such as iPods and Mp3 players. The IEM is suitable for anyone who has very high demands in terms of sound experience. The Audinc IEM is craftsmanship in an extremely refined earplug.

Our in-ear monitors are suitable for professional audio users: top acts, sound engineers and serious music lovers. The custom-made IEM completely closes the ear canal. This muffles the ambient noise and protects your hearing, without affecting the sound image at all.

Also switch from the heavy equipment to Audinc’s in-ear monitors.

You no longer suffer from loss of monitor sound and, just as important, you can enjoy the best hearing protection and otoplastics.

In-ear monitoring
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