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Our earplugs for swimmers and surfers

Prevent surfers ear with custom earplugs

We all want to enjoy a dip in the pool or a hot shower. But for people with sensitive ear canals or tubes, this is not obvious. Audinc Swimming offers a convenient solution, namely custom-made swimming earplugs. These plugs close the ear canal watertight but allow sound to pass through. It is also possible to supply our swimming plugs with a special removable cord for surfing or sailing.
Because this product is measured by our professionals, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. Our earplugs are made of skin-friendly floating silicone material and are suitable for regular use.

Earache and irritation are a thing of the past with the Audinc Swimming Pads.

Earplugs for swimming
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Our earplugs for swimmers and surfers

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